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Drought Resistant Landscaping Options

Don’t know much about drought resistant landscaping alternatives? The GlenEagles Community Association, with input from two local horticulturalists and the Town of Cochrane, has several suggestions. Just click on the following files to learn more about drought resistant:

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing our boulevards, parks, and islands in such a way as to use as little water as possible. By using native plants, naturalized plants, trees, ground covers, and other features we can create environmentally friendly, attractive, efficient, and cost-effective outdoor space.

What’s Involved in Transitioning to Xeriscaping Landscaping?

Xeriscaping involves the use of multiple strategies to create environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing. These can include:

Use native & naturalized plants:

  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Plants providing nectar, seeds and berries for pollinators, insects, birds, animals and people
  • Adapted to local climate

Plant trees to:

  • Provide shade that helps retain ground moisture
  • Act as a wind buffer
  • Create natural air conditions in the summer
  • Control soil erosion
  • Increase property values

Use groundcovers to:

  • Reduce/eliminate mowing requirements by replacing grass with mulch, decorative stones, and low-growing plants like fescues or micro- clover
  • Retain moisture, reduce maintenance, eliminate irrigation, and save money

Foster sustainable water use by:

  • Reducing run-off, maximizing absorption
  • Encouraging water conservation, re use
  • Minimizing water loss and waste

Reduce maintenance by:

  • Minimizing lawn mowing, trimming, pruning, and cultivating etc.
  • Mulching leaves in the fall
  • Reducing or eliminating pesticides/ herbicides
  • Using natural fertilizers
  • Reducing noise, lowering costs, and enabling re-allocation of funds