Architectural Guidelines

Architectural guidelines were developed for GlenEagles East and West and each of the five condominiums at the time of construction, to reinforce the desired image and provide continuity and consistency to the community. While each phase of development and each of the condominiums in GlenEagles has its own set of architectural controls, they are all similar.

Yes – the Guidelines are still in place. In many cases, the Guidelines are part of the caveats that may be registered on your property title and as such, cannot be easily changed. We have, however, made one exception with respect to eliminating the need to use pine and cedar shakes on roofs due to safety concerns.

The Board has allowed movement away from pine and cedar shingles to address potential safety issues. Since GlenEagles was built, there is evidence that pine and cedar shake roofs are more susceptible to fire damage caused either from fires starting inside a house or from embers landing on the roofs and igniting them from the top. Embers can come from a variety of sources including sparks from wildfires and fireplace chimneys. Also, wood construction roofs are more easily affected by weather, moisture, animals, and insects than some other types of construction. Over time, a roof that has been weakened by rot or animals/insects, makes fire fighting more difficult and increases the risk to firefighters.

The Architectural Guidelines are part of the caveats that can be on title and therefore cannot be easily changed. That said, a number of new products have come on the market since GlenEagles was built. While the Board has discussed updating the Guidelines with products that are consistent with the Guidelines, none of us have the qualifications to properly evaluate them. We would welcome qualified volunteers to do so and to provide input for the Board’s consideration.

Green chain link fencing with vinyl coating is the standard established in the Architectural Guidelines for GlenEagles East and West. In order to maintain consistency and in view of the fact that we now have over 30 kilometers of green chain link fence already installed, the Board supports the continued requirement for residents to install green vinyl chain link fence for as long as it is available.

At various times the Board has contacted fencing stores to check on availability. The following chart was updated in the summer of 2023. It is not a conclusive list.  Please feel free to send any proposed updates to [email protected].

Company Name Web Site Phone # Email Sell Source/Install
Calgary Fence Pros 587-741-6014 X X
First Class Fencing 403-991-5995 [email protected] X X
Lynx Brand Fence Products 403-273-4821 [email protected] X X
Phoenix Fence 1-888-220-2525 [email protected] X X
The Fence Store 403-240-4269 [email protected] X X

Yes – while there is no mention of solar panels in the Architectural Guidelines, the Board has approved the installation of solar panels in recognition of the fact that southern Alberta has more hours of sunlight per annum than anywhere else in Canada. However, there are a number of regulatory requirements that must be met and permits obtained. Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that the proper processes are followed.

No – they are not permitted.

Yes – outdoor sheds are permitted. They must be within 7.5 m of rear of lot or within any side yard setback requirements. The structure must be consistent/compatible with architectural style/materials of the principal residence.

For residents living in GlenEagles East or West, contact the President at [email protected]. If you are living in one of the GlenEagles condominiums, you should refer to your condominium Board or to your condominium management company.


The Town of Cochrane (ToC) is responsible for all of the Environmental Reserve, Path Systems (excluding golf course paths), as well as all Roads and Sidewalks (not governed by condominium associations). The Links of GlenEagles is a privately owned golf course. They maintain, of course, the golf course (including all golf course paths), as well as some areas attached to the golf course.

The wooden cowboy-style fence you see lining most of GlenEagles Drive is the responsibility of the ToC and specifically the Roads Department. As such, they are responsible for any repairs. You can either let us know at [email protected] or [email protected] if you notice any areas that need to be repaired and we will talk to the ToC. Pictures are welcome. Alternatively, you can contact the Roads Manager at:

The ToC has responsibility for the winter path maintenance and safety. If you notice a particularly unsafe section of path that requires immediate attention, please contact the ToC with your pathway maintenance request.

The Architectural Guidelines are part of the caveats that can be on title and therefore cannot be easily changed. That said, a number of new products have come on the market since GlenEagles was built. While the Board has discussed updating the Guidelines with products that are consistent with the Guidelines, none of us have the qualifications to properly evaluate them. We would welcome qualified volunteers to do so and to provide input for the Board’s consideration.

GlenEagles is developed around areas of land that are designated ‘Environmental Reserve’ and ‘Urban Reserve’. These areas are the responsibility of the Town of Cochrane and the Links of GlenEagles, not GECA. The Town’s policy is that these areas are not to be cut or landscaped in any way. Some residents of GlenEagles back onto ‘Environmental Reserve’. These areas will not be maintained by GECA and should not be cut by residents. If you have any questions about these areas, please contact the ToC Operational Services at 403-932-4411.

Send your landscaping concerns or suggestions to either [email protected] or [email protected]. They will be forwarded to the Landscaping Committee for discussion and to the ToC as required. You can expect that a member of the Committee will follow-up with you once they have had the time to review.

Annual Fees

While most homeowners recognize the value of this investment and willingly pay, it is important to note that payment is NOT optional. The fee is registered as an encumbrance on your property at the time of purchase and can be used legally to enforce collection.

There are five condominium associations in Gleneagles: GlenHaven, The Estates, The Villas, The Vistas, and The Summit. The amount of condo fees paid by each group varies significantly as do the services they maintain.
The fees that you pay to GECA are separate and consistent with the encumbrance (lien) on the titles of all properties within GlenEagles. These fees are used to maintain common areas and promote community spirit. The parks, paths, playgrounds, and common areas in Gleneagles East and West are meant to be for the enjoyment of all residents.

However, in recognition of separate condo fees being charged on top of the requisite annual community association fee, GECA currently rebates 60% of the fees they collect from the condo residents back to their respective condo associations. The monies retained by GECA are utilized in a manner that is fair and equitable for all homeowners in GlenEagles.

Residents can contact either [email protected] or [email protected]. with your landscaping suggestions and concerns.

The Links of GlenEagles

No – the golf course is private property. For the same reason you wouldn’t want strangers walking around in your back yard while you’re not home, the fences and private property signs exist for a reason. Please respect these signs and stick to walking yourself and your dog(s) to the many kilometers of beautiful accessible paths around GlenEagles and enjoy the fabulous mountain views.

Unfortunately not, however the Links of GlenEagles do have a great program for frequent users called their Platinum Pass system. While this discount system is available to any member of the public, the fact that the course is in our back yards makes it even more appealing to residents. The idea is that you pre-load a course card with a certain amount of money and are then entitled to green fee discounts of up to 35% at certain times as well as other perks. It makes it super easy to decide last minute to go play a few holes of twilight golf for an extremely reasonable price.

GECA Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is normally held each year in May, at the Links of GlenEagles clubhouse. Advance notice of the AGM will occur via e-mail and this website, as well as signs posted on the roadside along GlenEagles Drive.

Attending the AGM is optional; however, we encourage all residents of our community to make the effort to contribute their voice and suggestions to assisting our volunteer Boards (both GECA and the Condo Associations) with making our community a better place. Unless you are a volunteer Board member, it is really the only opportunity you get each year to challenge the status quo and have a say in how your annual fee dollars are being spent. Plus, it’s a great way to meet some of your neighbours over coffee and snacks once the official business is out of the way!

Yes – the e-mail announcing the meeting will contain a Proxy that you can complete and e-mail or mail to GECA or send to the AGM with one of your neighbours. The Proxy will list the various resolutions separately and allow you to register whether you are in support of each of the resolutions or not. If you need more information to determine how you want to vote, please contact any of our Board members to discuss.

Simple, just e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like to be involved with and what time commitments you can spare. We’d love to discuss this with you!

Social Activities

There is a social following GECA’s AGM, with free appetisers and a cash bar. This provides residents an opportunity to follow-up on items of interest from the meeting and to meet their neighbours and Board members.

Recognizing that the AGM is only an annual event, GECA considered having an Events Committee. However, feedback from the 2021 AGM presentation indicated that there was limited support for it. If there is renewed interest, we would ask for volunteers to work with the Board to determine what type of events would be of interest to the community and to help organize them.

Anyone interested in helping will find that there are a number of supports, as well as ToC resources. For example, The Links of GlenEagles has indicated that they would be prepared to co-sponsor community events and the ToC supports summer block parties.

One of our local residents has established a BlockWatch page on Facebook to provide a forum for all of us to share with one another any concerns or suspicious activity relevant to GlenEagles, lost & found, etc. We encourage all GlenEagles residents to join this group and receive its updates. You can ask to join this closed group by following this link:


GECA has no jurisdiction over speeding. Residents who have concerns should contact the Cochrane RCMP non-emergency line at 403-932-2211 or access their website at:

GECA contacted the ToC about the potential of installing speed bumps but were advised that, based on studies in other municipalities, speed bumps are not effective, and they make snow plowing difficult.

Instead, they recommended placing signs that allow motorists to see how fast they are travelling and adjust their speed appropriately. Speed signs have been placed at various times on GlenEagles View since late 2020.

The ToC has also installed yellow barriers at a key crossing on GlenEagles View and are monitoring the results.

GECA has no jurisdiction over animal control or the various bylaws that govern them. If a friendly conversation and attempted diplomacy does not resolve your concerns, you should contact the Town of Cochrane:

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