Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines were developed for GlenEagles East and West and each of the five condominiums at the time of construction, to reinforce the desired image and provide continuity and consistency to the community. While each phase of development and each of the condominiums in GlenEagles has its own set of architectural controls, they are all similar and, with the exception of the requirement for shake roofs in GlenEagles East and West, are still in place.

The ongoing adherence to these guidelines will keep the desired consistency and appearance of the subdivision. In the end common sense must prevail or erosion in property values will result.

This write-up is a brief summary that emphasizes some of the highlights. If you need more information and live in one of the condominiums, you can contact the condominium management team. If you live in GlenEagles East or West you can contact GECA by emailing the [email protected]. You may also need to contact the Town of Cochrane to see if permits are required.

Restrictive Covenants

Condominium homeowners are subject to special bylaws imposed by their respective condo association and should refer to their bylaws for detailed information. For example, the fencing in the Estates of GlenEagles must be uniform chain link fence with black vinyl coating.

Each lot in GlenEagles East and West shall be subject to certain restrictive covenants that are legally binding:

Fencing: must meet ToC standards of installation; be of uniform chain link fence with green vinyl coating. No gates are permitted at rear except for lots adjacent to a reserve parcel or backing onto a park (e.g., lots backing on to golf course are not allowed a rear gate).

The owner is responsible for upkeep of the fencing using similar materials. Side yard fencing is to match and meet ToC bylaws.

Drainage: the owner cannot alter the drainage system (side or rear) without prior approval of TOC. Certain lots are not permitted to have swimming pools or ornamental pools.

Accessory Structures: restrictions on location of sheds (within 7.5 m of rear of lot or within any side yard setback requirements). The structure must be consistent/compatible with architectural style/materials of the principal residence.

Architectural Guidelines (for East and West GlenEagles)

Roofing: Roof materials and colour are an emphasis because of the elevated approach to the subdivision. Roof materials that are allowed are cedar shakes, pressure treated pine shakes, low profile concrete tiles or approved alternatives (e.g., Unicrete). Over the years there has been a  move to replace shake roofs with asphalt shingles. Although the guidelines have not been updated to reflect this change, the requirement to use shakes has been relaxed due to safety concerns. When changing roofing materials, homeowners are cautioned to ensure existing roof trussing can support the product.

Exterior Finish: Exterior finishing of brick, stucco, or vinyl siding is permitted with stone or brick as an accent. A maximum of two siding materials are permitted on any house. White vinyl or stucco is not acceptable. Period homes such as colonial, tutor or Spanish were discouraged at the outset.

Colour: Colour restrictions also apply. Permitted colours are based on the stucco range produced by IMASCO but other manufacturers may be considered. Vinyl siding matching one of the approved colours is also acceptable. White is not permitted as the main exterior finish colour. Colour of garage doors must be in the same range as the predominant house colour. Soffits must be the same colour as fascia.

Bright accent colours are not allowed.

See the attached Table for a list of the acceptable colours. Colours not approved are Dusty Rose, Mint and Venetian Yellow.

Driveways: Driveways and walkways are also subject to restrictions in materials and slopes (<10%). Front walkways are to match the driveway. Stamped and pattern concrete, and exposed aggregate are encouraged. No asphalt is permitted. Neither is RV parking accommodation.

Colours approved in Architectural Guidelines

The following are Imasco stucco colours which are approved under the Architectural Guidelines in GlenEagles. To be acceptable vinyl siding colours must fall within the colour range listed below:

Imasco Colours:

  • Med/Light Sage | Med/Light Santa Fe
  • Med/Light Taupe | Med/Light Shadow Grey
  • Med/Light Coastal Tan | Med/Light Mirage
  • Light Peach | Med/Light Slate
  • Med/Light Ivory | Light Harvest Gold
  • Light Desert Plum | Light Golden Meadow
  • Light Mountain Mist | Light Bristol Cream
  • Light Empire Quartz | Light Colonial Marble


This brief summary is provided for information only. Detailed information may be obtained for individual property by a title search for Encumbrances and Restrictive Covenants though the Land Titles Office.

Condominium homeowners are subject to special bylaws imposed by their respective condo association and should refer to their bylaws for detailed information.

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