Why You Should Consider Overseeding Your Grass with Clover

If you want to reduce your mowing to every few weeks and are fretting about watering it regularly to keep it green, a mix of grass and clover may be exactly what you need! Clover is a legume that belongs to the same family as peas and beans and mixes well with grass turfs. As a result, overseeding lawns with clover is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for their lush, green appearance and low-maintenance requirements. Homeowners are also realizing its potential as a hassle-free, eco-friendly solution for landscaping.

Not only do clover lawns attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, but they’re also drought-tolerant and have nitrogen-fixing abilities! This means you won’t need to use as much or possibly even any fertilizer to keep your clover lawn lush and green.

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