Concrete Batch Plant

The Concrete Batch Plant Concerned Citizens Group received strong support from the residents who attended the Gleneagles Community Association 2023 AGM. At the meeting, over 50 more Gleneagles residents signed the Notice of Appeal, which was filed the next morning. The Provincial Government Land and Property Rights Tribunal responded immediately and notified the Town to turn over a long list of documents. Going forward, the Concerned Citizens are looking for volunteers to assist in preparation for the Hearing of the Appeal. Environmental, health and safety experts, as well as residents willing to help with media relations, petitions, letter writing campaigns, gravel pit monitoring and reporting, are required. They also need donations to pay for outside experts to present their findings to the Appeal Board hearing, as well as for legal expenses. Donations of any amount are welcome and can be made to the GoFundMe Account at or by emailing [email protected] if you would rather pay by cheque or by cash. For more information refer to the linked PDF file.