GlenEagles Community Association Newsletter – July, 2023

Re-starting the water loss reduction program

The Town of Cochrane (the ToC) is restarting their water loss reduction program in Gleneagles over the next few weeks. This involves using water listening devices to detect and repair underground water leaks. Some of the testing will take place in the evenings when reduced traffic noise should increase the reliability and precision of the testing.

What happens if leaks are found?

In discussions with ToC representatives, ToC will pay to fix leaks found in any of the town owned infrastructure. In Gleneagles East and West, residents will be required to pay to fix leaks that run from the curb stop valve at their property line to the water meter entering their house. For condominium owners, responsibility for repairs may vary. Please reach out to your condo Board for detailed information/questions.

Will my house insurance cover repair costs if leaks are found?
Insurance coverage varies depending on the provider. You may want to check your policy or contact your insurance company to see if you are covered. If not, you may be able to add this coverage to your existing policy. Alternatively, there are a few companies that offer stand alone water service line plans.

Murphy Brother’s Park

The ToC will remove dead or overgrown trees and shrubs throughout the park starting the week of July 10th. In some cases, the existing shrub and tree beds will be reshaped to make mowing easier and to reduce the need for whipper snipping. After the removal is complete, the GlenEagles Landscaping Committee will meet with the ToC to determine if/where trees and shrubs will need to be replaced.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

For those of you who missed the AGM, Glenbow Ranch’s Director, Michelle Delorme, shared information on a number of projects that are of interest to residents in GlenEagles. These include the opening of Haskayne Park in 2023 and exploring the possibility of building a pedestrian bridge to connect Glenbow Ranch to Cochrane. While it is anticipated that these projects will significantly increase the number of park visitors, we were assured that the increased traffic will not impact GlenEagles. Also, our residents will continue to have access to the park via the little-known entrance in GlenEagles East.

Of concern, Glenbow Ranch is one of three possible locations for the Bow River Reservoir. If selected, a significant part of the Ranch would be flooded. Check out the following website for updates: Over the next few months, there may be opportunities to sign a petition or attend public engagement meetings if you are interested.

Over the past year, Glenbow Ranch has introduced a number of new programs. There are also opportunities to volunteer and of course donations are welcomed. You can check these out on the Glenbow Ranch website:

Landscaping upgrades coming soon

Now that the flowers have been planted at the entrances from Highway 1A and the boulevard entrances at The Landing and GlenEagles East and West, we can now focus on some upgrades starting with our boulevards.

Next week, after years of looking at mulch covered ground where trees and shrubs used to be on our boulevard entrances, the GECA Landscaping Committee has arranged to have environmentally friendly trees and shrubs planted in these areas.

We are also working jointly with the ToC to re-shape, re-edge and mulch the shrub and tree beds in Wearmouth Park.

Contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments at: [email protected]