GlenEagles Community Association (GECA) Newsletter – January 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Best Wishes in 2024 from the GECA Board of Directors!

We are excited to announce the “Go Live” of our new Community Website.

The website has been designed to provide GlenEagles homeowners, prospective buyers, and lawyers with easy access to important information on the device of your choice (phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer). It includes:

  • write-ups about Cochrane and our community
  • highlights of the 7 neighbourhoods in GlenEagles where prospective GlenEagles buyers may choose to live (the 5 condominiums and GlenEagles East and West)
  • information about the GlenEagles Community Association and Landscaping Committee; Annual Fees and Easy Payment Options; Architectural Guidelines and GECA Bylaws
  • newsletters and recent Annual General Meeting presentations
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact information.

There is also a community calendar where we can share important dates such as the GECA AGM, community garage sales, the Town of Cochrane emergency services parade, Good Neighbour Week, and any other events that are of interest to the community. Let us know if you have an important event and we will look at adding it to the calendar. Send us an email at [email protected] with information about the event or go to the Contact Tab of the website and complete the online form.

The pictures are courtesy of our community members and our star contributor Gary Kooistra. Special thanks to our local web design partner, Kris Nielson Design.

Going forward, the GECA Board of Directors will use this site to communicate with GlenEagles residents. We would ask that you check for updates on a regular basis by signing onto the website’s home page and scrolling down to the News and Upcoming Events section.

Please take a few minutes to review and provide your feedback to [email protected]. We will consider updating the website based on your recommendations.

We are shutting down the GlenEagles Facebook Page

Our Facebook page was started as a potential alternative to developing a new website. Now that the website is live, we have decided to close the GlenEagles Community Facebook Page.

Fortunately, for those of you who use Facebook, the GlenEagles Cochrane Block Watch Community Page has over 600 members and provides the opportunity for residents to post updates as daily events unfold. This is a private Facebook page for residents only. We encourage anyone who is not yet a member to answer the membership questions and join the GlenEagles Cochrane Block Watch Community Page at:

Going forward the GlenEagles website ( will be the main reference for the GlenEagles Community Association.