GlenEagles Community Association 2022 AGM – President’s Message

As mentioned in our April newsletter, the AGM will be held at the Links of GlenEagles on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, starting at 7:00 P.M. We hope that you will attend as your feedback is important!

The AGM provides residents with an opportunity to review last year’s activities, ask questions and discuss issues. Based on feedback from the October 2022 AGM, I have tried to ensure that there are more opportunities for residents to provide input. The meeting is also an opportunity to meet with Board members, all of whom have indicated that they are seeking re-election, and with our neighbours and guest presenters at the social to follow.

Traditional Landscaping

As a reminder, since the ToC eliminated the landscaping subsidy through 2016 and 2017, GECA maintains the boulevards at the entrances at Highway 1A, GlenEagles East and West, and The Landing. The ToC maintains the islands and parks in GlenEagles East and West. While there have been numerous concerns raised about the quality of work that the Town provides, the GECA Landscaping Committee continues to meet with the ToC to address these concerns. In addition, we have augmented the Town’s services with a number of special projects. In 2022, these projects included edging and mulching the shrub and tree beds on the islands in GlenEagles East and weeding the shrub and tree beds throughout GlenEagles East and West. This year, we will be re-edging the islands and the shrub and tree beds in GlenEagles West and Wearmouth Park and will continue to have our landscaper, TJK, do the weeding.

We are also encouraged by commitments made by ToC’s recently hired Parks Manager, Trish Klune. Trish has introduced a training program for her staff to improve service quality. In addition, the ToC will check and prune/remove all Town trees in GlenEagles as necessary and assess, prune, and remove overgrown shrubs in Murphy Brothers Park. It is anticipated that they will similarly assess other parks and islands in GlenEagles over the next few years.

Sustainable Landscaping Initiatives

In our newsletter, we discussed holding community planting days at the View Park on June 3rd and GlenEagles Landing Green space on June 10th. Given our extremely dry spring and some ongoing discussions with the Town, these plans are somewhat in flux. Stay tuned. More information will follow shortly.


GECA is in a strong financial position and will continue to fund special landscaping and other projects.

The Jones Estate

Throughout 2022, the Concerned Citizens and many of our GlenEagles residents participated in meetings to ensure that the Town Council recognized our concerns and once again voted to turn down a development application. There has been no activity this year.

Remember the May 31st date. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,
Margaret Blair, President