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Why does GlenEagles need to move to more drought resistant landscaping alternatives?

Just read some of the recent news headlines. As drought conditions persist, water scarcity and how we prioritize usage is forcing all of us to make difficult decisions. For the Town of Cochrane (ToC) it is about confirming that the irrigation used to water our parks and islands in GlenEagles has been turned off forever. For the GlenEagles Community Association (GECA), it is about how we can create an environmentally friendly, attractive, and cost-effective outdoor space that drastically reduces our reliance on water. For our residents, it is about learning how we can follow GECA’s lead and transition our yards and conserve water.

We all want to cut our costs, reduce our yard maintenance activities like mowing and racking, and have colourful, and dare I say green, landscapes. It is possible – we just have to learn how.

Cochrane Now, Jan 16th, 2024
Drought concerns remain an issue across the Prairies, Alberta takes steps to mitigate the risk

Cochrane Eagle, Feb 26th, 2024
Water experts prepare for serious Alberta drought this summer
Water management experts met in Cochrane to prepare for upcoming drought in Alberta

Cochrane Eagle, March 5,2024
Water resiliency plan for Town
“Several Alberta river basins, including ours, are facing significant drought conditions due to low rainfall, higher temperatures and lower than average snowpack, which are increasing the potential for significant drought conditions in 2024”. Shane Hubl, Director Operation Services

Global News – March 12, 2024
More warm, dry weather in the forecast for Alberta: Environment Canada

Canadian Press, April 19, 2024
Major water users in southern Alberta agree to curb consumption in face of drought

CochraneNow, April 19, 2024
Cochrane will align with water conservation MOU
The Town of Cochrane will align with the recent Alberta government Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), requesting municipalities to reduce water use by five to 10 per cent.

Cochrane Eagle, April 25, 2024
Fire advisory in effect as of April 25
Due to dry weather conditions, the Town of Cochrane has launched a fire advisory that has gone into effect as of noon on April 25.