Golf and Potato Peels…

Hey everyone, in case you’ve missed it The Links of Gleneagles are now open for another season of golf so get up that protective netting if you normally do that kind of thing!  Hopefully all our golfers are straight and true this season and nobody will end up with a dinged BBQ or patio window.

Also the Town of Cochrane has asked if we would help spread the word about the new curbside organics program that is commencing imminently in our beautiful town.  Please see the note below from Fabrizio Bertolo, Manager of Waste & Recycling:

The organics carts will start rolling next week.  For updates and an instructional video we created for the program please check our Facebook page or our website

One more thing…..could you please help me in spreading the word about our organics play?

Dreaming Alberta is a theatrical play (developed in collaboration with the Town of Cochrane) featuring four Albertans with diverse ethnic backgrounds (a First Nations Elder, a francophone Alberta lady, a young cowboy, and a Filipino girl) who meet in the forest because of a dream to rescue a girl who is in danger. The dream brings them all together in a particular place, and through conversation and vision they are able to solve the mystery.

Dreaming Alberta is a magical story with a strong and clear message about the importance of diverting Organic Waste from the landfill with the help of the different cultures representing Alberta but also Canada.

Come and join us on April 12th or 13th, 2017 at 7:00pm at the RancheHouse Theatre (101 Ranchehouse Rd.) in Cochrane.  Dreaming Alberta is a free play for all Cochranites but please let me know if you are interested in coming so that I can reserve you some seats.


Fabrizio Bertolo
Manager, Waste & Recycling
Direct: 403-851-2294