GlenEagles Community Association Newsletter – April 2023

at the Links of Gleneagles starting at 7:00 P.M.

It’s your chance to hear about our exciting new landscaping projects, get Town of Cochrane updates that affect our community, and most importantly, ask questions and provide feedback to the Board. Appetizers and cash bar to follow.

Join us for a community planting day – snacks, cold drinks, and pizza available

This summer Gleneagles will convert some of our green spaces to more environmentally friendly plants, shrubs, and trees. Check the attached landscaping map to see locations.

Gleneagles View Park (Area #4) June 3, 2023
Gleneagles Landing Green Space (Area #11) June 10, 2023
(between the trail to the East and The Landing Boulevard)
Rain day June 17, 2023

In addition, TJK will re-shape and mulch tree beds in Wearmouth Park

Town of Cochrane (ToC) grass-cutting

We have been working closely with the new Parks Manager, Trish Klune to address the numerous complaints we have received in the past few years and are hopeful that we will see some improvements this summer.

If, however, you still have concerns, please DO NOT vent your anger on the parks staff. Rather contact us first at [email protected] and we will follow-up with the Town.

ToC’s water loss reduction program

ToC’s goal is to reduce water loss from approximately 18% to the best practice of 10%. They started by doing some preliminary work last year in GlenEagles. This year the ToC teams will focus on detecting and repairing water leaks found on ToC owned infrastructure both here and in other communities throughout Cochrane, prior to actively checking for leaks on residential properties.

The Board is in contact with the ToC and will receive regular updates. As well, Shane Hubl, Director of Operation Services, will be presenting at our AGM. Please forward any questions and/or concerns to [email protected]

Donate some plants

Is your garden over-crowded? We are looking for perennials, shrubs, and small trees that we can plant as we convert to more sustainable landscaping. See the attached list for shrubs and trees that are environmentally friendly. While plants on this list are preferred, we will gladly take all donations. You may also want to refer to this list when making choices for your own gardens.

We encourage you to bring your plants with you when you come to one of our community’s planting days. If you are unable to attend, please email [email protected] with your name, address, and phone number. A member of our Landscaping Committee will arrange for pick-up.

Fence repairs are happening

This spring the Town will repair the split rail fencing in Gleneagles.

Thanks to Paul Smolarchuk for documenting the problem areas.

Jones Estate Update

Meetings with the Concerned Citizens of Gleneagles, the ToC, and Builders Capital (the property owners) to find a permanent solution for the Jones Estate have been unsuccessful to date.

No new applications have been filed with the ToC and talks are on hold.

If planting is not your thing, there are other ways that you can help the community

  • There is one open Board position for residents of Gleneagles East or West.
  • The communications team is looking for new members to help build engagement through Facebook and the GECA website.
  • We are looking for volunteers to undertake a special project to review and update our Architectural Standards.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.