Bears & Apples – It’s that time of year to be bear smart!

Fish and Wildlife and the Town of Cochrane is asking residents to remove any bear attractants in the yards such as bird feeders, berries and fruit.  The bear that was hanging out on the island on Gleneagles Close last weekend (Sep 3) has 4 apple trees on it.  Another (or the same?) bear was also caught  on camera this morning (Sep 6) in the park behind Gleneagles Terrace, and there are fruit trees in this park as well as many people’s back yards.

Fish and Wildlife recommends that attractants are removed (i.e. bird feeders), fruit trees are picked and any fruit on the ground is removed as well.

Domestic fruit trees are not a natural source of food for bears. They are acknowledged as a major bear attractant, and bring bears into our community. Please do not enable the bears by not tending to your fruit trees.  Attracting bears to your yard can also result in opportunistic bears obtaining other human foods such as garbage and pet food.

Thank You