Jones Estate Update – Please Come out & show your support Nov 13 @ 6pm

Nov 10, 2018

The Jones Estate is almost done – or is it?

This upcoming Tuesday November 13 at 6pm, Town Council once again meets on the Jones Estate with the original intent as put forward by Councillor Wilson of putting this issue to rest once and for all.

Concernedly, Administration is now introducing new concepts into the proceedings that have not been raised previously including;

    1. Later in the process the applicant can ask for the current proposed solution of the one dwelling approval to be changed when they apply for the development or subdivision permit
    2. The applicant is able (apparently) able to appeal two different bodies, including the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board (SDAB) or the Municipal Government Board (MGB)

This has the potential eliminating any further input “with no additional input or approvals from Council.” All this comes out with only a single full business day for our Town Councillors and and our community to respond.

Once again, we are asking the residents of Gleneagles to get up off that couch and show your support by showing up at the Council meeting Tuesday evening. Now more than ever we need each others support.

The complete Agenda for Tuesday and bylaw revisions can be found here.

Please share this with your friends and neighbours and friends in Gleneagles.

Thank You,

Ron Douglas

President – Gleneagles Community Association

[email protected]

GECA Early November 2018 Update


In our continuing efforts to manage our expenditures it’s been decided to have removed 5 GECA maintained garbage cans in & around the Gleneagles Landing green spaces as well as one island on Gleneagles View. The cans around Gleneagles landing will be replaced by a single bin of a style that the Town is currently using and the town will be responsible for emptying and maintaining the bin going forward. This change should be occurring within the next 4-6 weeks which allows the Town time to obtain and install the new bin before removing all of the old ones.

The benefits of this include:

  • elimination of costs for having to retain a contractor to empty and maintain the bins,
  • avoidance of any conflicts and the ongoing discussion around the Town’s zero waste management strategy,
  • the replacement bin will repositioned for dog walkers and the associated pet waste,
  • the replacement bin will have a lid for controlling odours,
  • duplication of costs between your GECA fees and your municipal taxes for maintaining the bins is also eliminated.

In other conversations with the Town Parks department some of the discussions currently underway include: Grinding the stumps on Gleneagles View in the traffic calming island and replacing with grasses or shrubbery, adopt-a-park options, self watering flower islands/pots to reduce future irrigation costs, as well as potentially returning some of the maintenance of other green space areas back to the Town (subject to community approval).

Jones Estate

It’s almost over. Maybe. At a recent Council meeting Town Council instructed staff to rewrite Bylaw 25/2018 to allow only a single residence on the Jones Estate lands. Once that comes back to council for 2nd and 3rd reading this issue should not come up again. The reality is that we will have to be vigilant and diligent until this is passed. The developer’s proponent that brought the latest proposal forward has issued a strict “no comment” to the media regarding the matter. A “Tip of the Hat” needs to go to Councillor Patrick Wilson for proposing the idea and Councillor Alex Reed for withdrawing his motion which enabled the current approach to move forward.

As always, if anyone has any questions or ideas, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or my work email at [email protected] .

Ron Douglas


Gleneagles Community Association